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Name Giving Days

About The Ceremony

The Name Giving Ceremony is an alternative to a Christening or Baptism. It is a ceremony tailored to reflect the parents hopes and wishes for their child.

The parents or Godparents often express their well wishes for the child’s future by writing their own passages and poems. Others choose passages from a text, such as the bible. I can assist you with choosing common or appropriate selections of passages or poems.

This ceremony can be as formal or informal as you like. There are no legal requirements for this ceremony.

Scheduling Appointments

During our initial conversation or correspondence we will agree upon a time and place most suitable for discussing the steps involved in arranging your child's ceremony. Meetings are commonly held in my home office, although some clients opt for the comfort of their own home. Other arrangements can be made upon request. Please allow approximately 1.5 hours to ensure all questions are answered.

Transportation (pick-up/drop-off) from the nearest train station can be arranged if necessary.

Our Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting we will discuss your vision of the ceremony and my role as Name Giving Celebrant. You will leave our session with a complete understanding of all aspects of the ceremony, the steps we need to take to achieve your goals, and suggestions, ideas and possibly even well-respected industry contacts to help your planning run as smoothly as possible.

In brief, I will advise you of my services, such as:

  • discussing how to compose the ceremony you desire
  • detailing all costs involved
  • suggesting contacts who can make your special day memorable for a lifetime
  • accessories provided on the day, such as chair, table, and portable PA

    A Certificate of Name Giving is issued to parents. The Godparents are also presented with a certificate at the end of the ceremony.

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